We use cloud based social collaboration to create masterpieces using the apprentice-journeyman-master model. Patrons (clients) commission a masterpiece (project) with a set of goals and a fixed priced. The Grandmaster, using our social collaboration and project methodology tools, organizes the Benefits and Pieces (tasks) required to complete the Masterpiece. Masters, Journeyman and Apprentices are assigned the Benefits and Pieces based on their proven skill level and willingness to complete the work for the assigned a value. Patrons rely on the Grandmaster to provide the expertise rather than a set of cumbersome detail business requirements constructed by a third party (i.e. IT department).


Social Collaberation: 

  • Securely create and manage your documents on private social networks, web portal and mobile
  • Connect with staff, clients and expert witness through secure private collaberation groups

Project Management:

  • Track both billable and non-billable tasking
  • Share social insight across teams
  • Work at social scale and speed

Engagement: Connect with Patrons

  • Create and manage a robust content calendar
  • Engage clients and build community


  • Measure everything from deadlines to disclousers
  • Gain insight into all of your tasking
  • Optimize activity and maximize billing